Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Welcome to Dining in Pomona

Well, it's been a while since my last posting on Eating Garey Avenue. In the interim I've been thinking about what I should do in the future. A lot of you have made suggestions including other specific streets that I might explore or individual eateries that you wished to recommend.

Taking all of that into account, I decided that I didn't want to commit to another blog that would require that I eat at places that just because they were on a list. I also didn't want to commit to a regular weekly schedule, especially as in retirement I hope to do some travelling and I also have a lot of other commitments.

So this is the introductory posting for a new blog series on restaurants in Pomona. That means anywhere within the city boundaries or that has a significant relationship to the city (more on that next week--no spoilers).

As I stated in my original blog, I don't consider myself a culinary expert. So I won't be rating restaurants except to say what I like or don't like, but it's just me. I, of course, have cultural and background prejudices and have developed tastes for different kinds of food and this will surely come through. But it shouldn't be used as a definitive comment on any particular restaurant. Everyone will bring their own biases so please, if you wish to use this as a guide, so be it, but your mileage may vary, caveat emptor (buyer beware). I do include Yelp ratings to help guide you but they must be taken with a grain of salt as the rating system is the same for a fine dining establishment as it is for a fast food joint. I've been to some spectacular fine dining places with a 4.5 star rating and then seen that there are McDonalds or Burger King places with the same rating.

I'll post my first review in the next few days, Cachanilla Restaurant at Holt and Palomares in my own neighborhood of Lincoln Park.


  1. I think it is a great idea for you to include Yelp ratings and determine the +/- seems accurate when you have the restaurant experience.May I encourage you to Try Kellogg Ranch Restaurant in Cal Poly Pomona. Even though it is a culinary school, a lot of people have no idea we have a gem like that in Pomona. You visiting could give more awareness. Also they have a tight schedule so you may need either hurry or wait till the fall..

    1. Thanks Eric. It's in the plans but I need to check if they're open. I know that because it's a school, the schedule follows the school schedule and right now they're getting ready for graduation and the end of the term.

  2. I think this is great. When you are ready to try the Hilltop Jamaican Restaurant please invite and I can be your guest reviewer!


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